Saturday, December 31, 2011

Akuma na Eros

I just finished reading Akuma na Eros, oh man...... if only the devil was that hot and smexy!!  But we all know that's impossible.  It's listed in the ecchi category on  I have found that mangafox has more ecchi and mature titles than mangareader, so, needless to say, I'm a very  happy camper!!!

But anyway, this is a story about Miu, who is in love with Amamiya, one of her classmates.  Amamiya has a secret that we don't find out about until the end.  He also is the class idol, but he's not interested in women, at least not until he meets Miu.I don't want to give away too much of the story, but, it's you r typical romance.  Girl falls in love with boy, girl is bullied by another boy, falls in love with bully, leaving first boy out in the cold.  It's fun to watch Miu get teased by Satan as he helps her get Amamiya to fall in love with her and she realizes her feelings for him.  The only reason Satan even agrees to help her is that when Amamiya finally confesses to her, he gets her virginity.  She eventually agrees to this.
There's not a lot of nudity in it, but there is some.  The sex scenes aren't too intense but they are there.  I find it funny how every girl in manga always starts of resisting, and even as she enjoys it and wants more, she continues to tell him no. 
I also liked the way the manga was drawn.  The boys are always drawn so pretty! lol
A good story and good illustration, but sadly no character worth fangirling over.  Oh well.  On the the next manga!!!!

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