Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kaze no Stigma review

So, I finished watching Kaze no Stigma last night, and although there was no one in it worth fangirling over, I still enjoyed it.  I enjoyed all the characters, I am starting to find Cherameigh Leigh's voice rather annoying though.  They seem to cast her as characters who are angry and yell a lot.  However, the voice of Kazuma, Robert McCollum, so nice!!! <sigh>  I'd like to listen to him crone in my ear!! ;P  Anyway, all in all, I enjoyed it.  Not as silly as I would have liked, but a good anime all together.  Oh, the only thing that started to bug me the last few episodes, was that the voices weren't matching up with the mouth movements.  i.e. Mouth moving, but no sounds coming out.
I know this is a short review, I'm sure as I go along, my reviews will get better. :)  And more fangirlish. :D

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