Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have recently had a revelation.  I am a Fangirl/Otaku.  And I'm and anime/manga otaku.  I think I have been in denial over this for some time now, but I after going through my Netflix watch history and examining the books I've been reading lately, I have decided to step out of the closet.  This blog is going to be about me obsessing over all the fictional characters I have crushes on.  And probably some other random stuff too.  Since I don't really have anyone in my little circle of friends who is as obsessed as I am, I am reaching out to all of you on the internet!  I hope that you find my posts interesting and fun.  I do have a Facebook page where I will be posting various fan-fic that I write.  I love writing fan-fic.  A warning though, sometimes I do write naughty fan-fic.  But not very often.  It's mostly me invading the lives of my obsessions and stirring up trouble.  Plus I'm a little embarassed to post the naughty fan-fic that I have written.
I am currently working on a costume for myself with a self portrait. I hope to have posted soon.  I'm not the very best when it comes to drawing but I do enjoy it so, and there's usually a story to go along with said drawings.  I hope you all like what I post, and I please ask that all you haters out there, please just keep on moving.  There is no room here for people to degrade and belittle anything.  And if that is you, keep on stepping.  I do this purely for fun and to get all these ideas out of my head so as that it doesn't explode!!
And with that said,
Happy obsessing!!!

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